Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Prim Bunny

I found this adorable fabric at one of my favorite primitive shops. It reminds me of  Little House on the Prairie days. Can't you see one of the girls wearing a dress out of this print? 
My little bunny project was a self-taught sewing lesson. I'm pretty good with a straight line stitch but if there are any turns forget about it. So, I forced myself to try. After the second try I got the hang of it. The ears were the hardest part and I'm still not happy with how square they turned out.
My pattern came from the image found HERE.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that the day brings you sunshine & happiness.
God Bless!


Amy said...

Very cool! My mom made me a primitive cat very similar to this when I went off to college. It was always on my bed and I still have it today.

Chris said...

this is adorable!! love that fabric! i sew like crap so i am always glad that my style is prim, so perfection doesn't really matter. so i think your ears are just fine!!

Christina said...

Hi there! I do love your bunny! I really need to spend some more time sewing... you're motivating me at least. I also love the cards in the previous posts. In fact, I have one of your cards on my desk that I absolutely love! I should send you pic of it so you know which one I'm speaking of. It's so colorful and fun. Anyway, I also am here to say that I am passing on the Super Sweet Blogger Award to you. If you don't accept awards that's ok, just know I enjoy your sweet blog! Have a blessed day!

Sara Tieszen Paschal said...

Yep, I agree your creation is just fine. Sew darn cute;)